Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas Boutique


Bj Skousen said...

I love the Holy Cow. I go every year! For the past several years there has been a vendor that sold antique silverware jewelry. I loved their pieces. This past November however, they were not there! Do you know anything about them or how I might contact them to see if they sell their items elsewhere? I would love to get some pieces for Christmas gifts! Help! :)
Jill Skousen

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Katrina said...

How do I get information as a prospective vendor?

Janet said...

Hello! My name is Janet Hall and have recently moved to Nebraska. We want to see if there is anyway we could purchase a set of sheets that the vendors close to your fromt desks sell. It's thebsbeets that have the special extra safely things on the end. Anyways they are the best sheets ever and really want to know how to get some .

Janet said...

By the way my name is 435-580-9956 and my name is Janet Hall